C++ Language Interoperability Layer


A Clang-based C++ Interoperability library, which allow C++ code to be accessed and used from other programming languages. This involves creating a bridge or wrapper that exposes C++ functionality through a language-specific API. The document explains the detailings of the API of the language interoperability layer. This library allows different languages to interoperate with C++ code, instantiate a template and execute it.

This documentation describes the internal software that makes up CppInterOp, not the external use of CppInterOp. There are no complete instructions here on how to use CppInterOp, only the APIs that make up the software. For usage instructions, please see the programmer's guide or reference manual.


This documentation is generated directly from the source code with doxygen. Since CppInterOp is constantly under active development, what you're about to read is out of date!